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Kylie Smith

MCM Housing Operations Manager

Kylie Smith kylie smith

Kylie Smith is the Operations Manager for MCM Housing. With a comprehensive background spanning over 10 years, Kylie has experience in the community services, housing, and homelessness sectors, both domestically and internationally.

Driven by a commitment to address the intricate challenges surrounding housing, homelessness, and poverty, Kylie possesses a passion for comprehending and resolving underlying structural issues in these realms. 

Currently pursuing a Masters in Public Policy, Kylie is steadfast in her pursuit of knowledge and expertise to develop a responsive housing program tailored to effectively cater to the diverse needs of young individuals. Throughout her career, Kylie has demonstrated a tireless dedication to her work, employing her experience and perspective to shape impactful strategies and initiatives. With a keen focus on social impact and sustainable solutions, Kylie stands for positive change within the housing sector. 

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