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Allocation of our properties

At MCM Housing, we have a strong commitment to ensuring fair and affordable housing for all. When it comes to allocating our housing, we follow these guiding principles. 

Our guiding principles

Fairness and equality

We believe in treating everyone equally, with a transparent and unbiased allocation process.

Affordable housing

Our goal is to provide affordable housing options that alleviate housing stress.

Consideration of your needs

We ask questions and take into account the specific needs of prospective tenants, aiming to match them with suitable housing solutions.

Compliance with obligations

We diligently adhere to our contractual, legal, and regulatory obligations as a housing provider to maintain a high standard of service.

Financial sustainability

By ensuring the financial viability of our housing programs, we can continue offering affordable housing to young people in need.

Matching you with the right home

We prioritize finding the right match between households and our available properties.

When allocating housing, we take into consideration specific program requirements, ensuring that the allocation:

  • Suits your household size: We aim to provide a home that is the appropriate size for your household's needs.
  • Considers your location preferences: We take into account your specific needs and strive to allocate housing in an area that aligns with those preferences.
  • Is culturally appropriate: We aim to provide culturally appropriate housing options that respect and reflect your cultural background.
  • Supports your needs: Our goal is to assist you in accessing employment opportunities and any necessary support services.
  • Is an efficient use of housing stock: We work towards maximizing the best use of the properties we own and manage.
  • Encourages sustainable tenancy: We strive to foster long-term, sustainable tenancies that benefit both you and the community.
  • Meets your expressed needs: If you've informed us about specific requirements, such as modifications for physical disabilities or mobility impairments, car parking needs, or accommodations for caregivers, we take these into consideration.

Please note that the allocation of housing is not decided by one person alone. At MCM Housing, a dedicated allocation panel assesses all applications for our housing programs. This ensures a fair and thorough decision-making process.

Alternative allocation process

At times, MCM Housing may employ different allocation approaches than those mentioned above.

These alternative approaches are in response to specific situations, such as:

  • Concentration of public and community housing: In certain areas, there may be a higher concentration of public and community housing stock, leading to different allocation strategies.
  • Complex tenant needs: In specific areas or buildings, there might be a greater number of renters facing multiple health, social, or economic challenges. Adjustments in property allocation may be made to accommodate these unique circumstances.
  • Tenancy management concerns: If there are existing or potential tenancy management issues in a particular area or building, alternative allocation methods may be utilized to address these concerns effectively.
  • Neighbourhood fatigue: In cases where previous neighbourhood complaints have caused challenges that could disadvantage potential tenants or residents, alternative allocation measures might be considered.
  • Supply and demand: Certain properties may be challenging to rent out due to an imbalance between the housing supply and demand in a specific area. In such instances, different strategies could be employed to ensure efficient utilization of the property.

While these situations may require different allocation approaches, we remain committed to treating all applicants fairly and providing suitable housing options.

Application process

Need help?

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to support you throughout the tenancy process.

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