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Amazing fundraising efforts for Sleep At The ’G

Amazing fundraising efforts for Sleep At The ’G 10 May 2019

This year, we’ve been super impressed by the creativity shown by the teams of Sleepers who’ve registered to attend Sleep At The ’G 2019.

Our goal is to raise at least $1.2 million

Every dollar counts, no donation is too small. And as you'll read about below, it's never too late to start fundraising (could your team raise $6,600 in under an hour?)

With your support, we'll be able to help more young people like Ryan.  

Check out what some of our teams of Sleepers have been doing for the cause!

Fort Knox

Fort Knox's fundraising Zumba classFort Knox have been a long time partner for Sleep At The ’G, supplying all of our Sleepers with a cardboard box to bed down on for the night.

On Good Friday, Team Fort Knox decided to host a 90 minute Zumba class, and sell homemade baked goods.

Since then, they’ve held a sausage sizzle and obviously a whole lot more! 

Fort Knox raised a total of $12,912.


Team Deepend at their fundraising auctionOne of our digital partners, Deepend, held an amazing auction. 

Their staff nominated tasks, skills or services they would be willing to offer.

Examples include: buying the right to have someone make your morning coffee for a month, a surfing lesson, home-made ceramic goods.

The CEO of Deepend even offered up her parking spot for a month! Another team member offered up the opportunity to be a dog owner for a week.

Deepend raised a total of $13,477.


Arup's fundraising bake saleAmongst other activities, Arup held a bake sale which included a fabulous looking cake with decorated with #mcm

YUM. We wish we'd been there to partake in that deliciousness!

So far ARUP have raised $11,340.


IDP Education

IDP's fundraising auctionHere at MCM, we’re passionate about education for everyone. Team IDP Education showed us how express fundraising is done, by raising $6,600 in under 45 minutes!

IDP auctioned off a range of different gift vouchers, bottles of wines and other items.

You can watch a snippet of their auction on our LinkedIn page.

IDP have raised a whopping $43,483!

Public Transport Victoria

Public Transport Victoria's fundraising videoGo you good things! Public Transport Victoria created an impressive video to support their fundraising efforts for Sleep At The ’G.

It's creative, emotional and makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. 

Public Transport Victoria raised $4,947.

SAP Australia

Here's some fundraising with a work/life balance.

SAP Australia brought two chair masseurs into the office for their staff and collected donations for each massage.

They raised over $600 within an hour!

SAP Australia raised a total of $2,905.

Other heroes

A photo of Stephanie Hartnup

Seven years of SATG

Stephanie Hartnup has been with Sleep At The ’G since it began. What a commitment!

Stephanie was featured in the Star Weekly, sharing her views on youth homelessness. 


Meet Eddie. What a legend.

A photo of Eddie the legendHow cool is Eddie? 

While he’s unable to attend this year's #SleepAtTheG, Eddie is doing his bit to help #MCM put youth homelessness to bed by donating more than $5,000 to our cause.

Can you top his donation? And cheers to you, Eddie.

Ways to get involved with Sleep At The 'G

You could...

  • Register to join us for the night. Sign up and do some fundraising for us. Every dollar counts!
  • If you can't make it on the night, donate to the fundraising page of a friend who's attending. 
  • Donate to our main campaign. We'll think whatever you donate is awesome.
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